Do watch the stars with a final gasp for amazement

They’ll be covered in clouds and endless remorse

Of what your life could be and isn’t;

Of who you left behind without a second thought.

Smell the air poised by desire and betrayal

And then imagine a world empty of love thus dead and pointless

Because you forgot how the stars look and spark

And you just closed your eyes and walked away

My branch of hopes cracked loudly under my feet

And my massive ego collapsed.

When our love was forced to come to an end

As a shepherd left alone with hungry wolves, I wept

The infinite covers yourself with minimisation

If you don’t wake up soon, my heart.

Oh, it was always a mess in my mind, but my heart knew precisely

It’s because of the night, my thoughts are so upsetting?

That simple life is. Or it’s my mind who knows precisely and my heart is a mess…?


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