We had this idea to get a puppy for a while now. But I don’t think we truly believed it will happen because our twins were just about to start nursery in a few months and I was planning to get back to work. We didn’t believe it until one hot summer day when we decided to just follow our heart and find a puppy.

We started to google about dog breeds as we wanted a small dog, even I knew about the small dog syndrome. But, then again, I’m not a very well behaved human sometimes, so a feisty little dog would just complete the scenery.

We dreamed about a Beagle, then we came across to a Cocker Spaniel, we loved the Golden Retriever, then a Jack Russel Terrier, Shih Tzu and the list could continue.

We were overwhelmed about all the new information about the “perfect family dog” that we ignored the essential needs of the dog. We focused more on the image and the characteristics of our future dog and we forgot to search what really means having and carrying after a dog. But that was going to explode in front of us soon.

After a long debate and plenty of inquiries to many puppy owners, we found this little furball, named Green Collar. We had no idea what a Yorkipoo is but we were all excited about seeing him.

So we called the owner. Green Collar was the only puppy left and he was for sale. He was 8 weeks old, microchipped and with his first vaccination done.

Also, the description we found online about the Yorkipoo breed and the picture of Green Collar convinced us: “With the tiny stature of a Yorkshire terrier and the intelligence of a miniature poodle, this playful, mixed-breed dog makes the perfect pet for families. Plus, they’re hypoallergenic!”

Next day, we all jumped in the car, went to the pet shop to buy food, a sleeping bed and a dog cage for a car for him and then drove 1 hour to Cambridge to see the little ball fur.

Green Collar becomes Sparky.

On our way to Cambridge, I was reading aloud dog’s names and the children were to choose a name. We all agreed to “Sparky”.

When we got there, it was pure love at first sight! Sparky was so tiny and perfect! Delia and Vlad loved him from the first second! And this is how our life with Sparky started.

When we got home, we put in place some rules and shared them with the children:

  • Sparky’s food, bed and wee pad must remain downstairs and Sparky is not allowed to come upstairs;
  • his wet can his first owner fed him was replaced with specific food for Sparky’s needs: small breed, up to 1 year, wet and dry food; (more useful information on WebMD Care site, here);
  • he bought some pads and potty training spray and we started to potty train Sparky;
  • Delia and Vlad are not allowed to feed Sparky with human food. They can prepare his dog food three-four times per day only and they can help Sparky to find his water bowl.

Sparky is genuine smart!

Later that day, we found something in his ear, so we decided to take him to the vet. We had no idea what this means during Covid19 pandemic, but Sparky was in pain, we could see that and what he had in his ear was thick and deep. We called the clinic and the doctor agreed to see him shortly.

We were not allowed to accompany Sparky inside and we had to wait for him in the car. After this visit, we found out that Sparky had a tick in his ear. The tick was removed, Sparky was dewormed and had his nails trimmed.

We were happy Sparky was fine.

Next day, Sparky’s health deteriorated!

He refused to eat and started vomiting.

Then his stool came with a long, big worm. This is how we found out online about roundworms and panicked when I read what this might mean to our children if they get infected.

We called the vet and found out this is a normal reaction to the worming tablet and that this actually means the tablet works. We couldn’t calm down as Sparky seemed sleepy and tired so we tried as much as possible to keep him warm and cosy.

I also got maniac with washing hands and avoiding to kiss Sparky. We’ve started to clean the carpet with disinfectant, then to wipe it with a cloth and in the end to iron steam it.

Soon, Sparky started to have diarrhoea. Again, we stormed to the vet and again, we had to wait in the car, this time frightened we might lose him.

The doctor came back with Sparky and some tummy medicine. He strongly apologised on behalf of his colleague who gave Sparky an overdose when dewormed him. He told us how to give Sparky the medicine and encouraged us to keep an eye on him.

In the next few days, Sparky felt better. The medicine worked on him. We couldn’t be happier!

We could relax now, Sparky was fine and we knew his next vaccination would be in four weeks. So we decided to go out for a walk.

New story for us here:

Sparky is not allowed to go outside until about a fortnight after he had its second vaccination.

I called again the vet to ask more questions. On this occasion, we found out our pet practice use another type of vaccination so, if we decide to treat Sparky at their practice, we need to start all over again with the vaccination scheme.

To put my mind at ease about all this whole new situation, I contacted one of my vet friends who lives abroad to ask for advice. She was kind and answered all of our questions and that made me feel better. On that occasion, we found out many things we were clueless about, like grooming Sparky and what to keep an eye on when he seems unwell.

I guess this is one of the consequences of social distancing: we couldn’t have a proper discussion with our vet because we had to stay in the car and wait for them to treat Sparky.

I had the feeling we were not prepared to raise a puppy, but, then again, I had the same feeling when our children came into our life. And, nine months before having the children, I’ve spent my time reading and learning about how to take care of babies. And I was still clueless when the time came.

We changed the pet practice and continued with Sparky’s first vaccination scheme.

Things went on a great track, Sparky grows healthy and happy and we all learn on the way.


16 thoughts on “Sparky, the Yorkipoo!

  1. Congratulations on your new puppy! I was so nervous when I saw his health was deteriorating but I’m glad he’s doing well. All the best to you!

    1. Hi there! Yes, they are, we all love him! I had no idea about the roundworm, maybe this is why I panicked when I started to read online about it. Thank you for your thoughts!


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