As a Romanian immigrant and a curious person by nature, I end up losing time with the obvious stuff. At least it ends up being fun and I learn new things too. 

Here’s just one: I just googled “how mums are affected” and Google’s first choice was “affected by frost”. Now, for me as a person, this is very curious so I followed the suggestion. 

First information pops in: “Mums after frost”, and the footer line suggested the article named “When to Bring in Mums From the Outside”. To be honest, I love cold weather but I don’t need someone to decide when to bring me inside!

Then, the “People also ask” section didn’t help either as it showed this question: “How long do mums last outdoors?” or “What do you do with mums in the winter?”  I was both intrigued and confused.

I instantly thought: “Why on Earth would anybody keep a mum (i.e. mother) outside? This is outrageous! Is there a tradition about mums and frost, did someone tries to punish a mum in this way? What’s happening?” You know, millions of thoughts that cross a woman’s mind in milliseconds. So I clicked on the link.

Guess what: “mums” are actually flowers! I bet you knew. I knew it, but metaphorically speaking. 

Mums (i.e. chrysanthemums) bloom September to frost (obvious!) and I don’t have any in my garden anyway so I went to take a picture of my false sunflower instead: 


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