I’m trapped in this extraneous country with nowhere else to go

With borders closed, insides are empty and quickly locking too.

When people all around are dying but heroes

 keep the hope alive

Through dreams and fears, though all are fading, my Earth needs to survive

I cross my finger on the map and slowly move around

Of heartless ways of staying sane, I still feel as I’ve drowned

Stay well, stay safe, protect my world no matter how and when.

My precious world, my home, my den, I’ll see you soon, again.

Shortcut for “Poem for my precious daughter”


44 thoughts on “let me see you again, sweet, precious world

  1. This encapsulates my feelings exactly. I want to be able to move freely, to visit family across the country and in Canada, but I’m stuck here (safe) at home. Others have lost friends and family–I’m one of the lucky ones, for now. We all know it can change in an instant. Stay safe.

    1. Hi, Tracy. It’s such a mix of contrasting feelings. I understand so good the situation with your family! Love for them keeps us away (and safe) but, in the same time, make us sad that we can’t go to them and hold them! I hope for as many of us to be one of the lucky ones in the end. Thank you! Stay safe! ❤️

      1. This is exactly what almost all of us have been feeling since the introduction of lock downs. It’s really sad, but with the hope, prayer and positive mindset like yours we will overcome.

        1. Hi, Mohamed. Yes, lockdown affects all of us more or less; I think it is human to have such feelings in such terrible circumstances. I have the same hope! Thank you!

  2. I agree! Brexit and now Covid – the world seems to be getting smaller and less free. Sad times but we will rise again. Keep on keeping on! People do have a good resistance.

    1. Hi, John. I hope we will get to the end of it stronger and more confident. And, yes, I also believe that people have an extraordinary capacity to adapt and survive!

  3. What a wonderful poem !
    This line “Through dreams and fears, though all are fading, my Earth needs to survive” captivated me !
    Keep up the good work Denisa

  4. This is exactly how I was feeling last week. I felt ‘trapped’ and wanting to break free but I couldn’t. All my plans for travels got cancelled… Even commitments at work and family. I feel defeated. This is a beautifully written poem.

    1. Hi, Polly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope things can go back to normality soon because we don’t even realise how much it affects us staying away from our families, friends and society.

  5. We all do pray that everything will go back to normal soon. It just so sad about what’s happening now, but time will come we don’t have to wear masks to see the smiles on our faces.

    1. Hi, Franze. You are right, but you know what I’ve realised? I can see if someone is smiling even if they wear a mask; just look their eyes, and you can see their smile underneath their mask.


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