Crawling on the sharpest edge of my inner self

I felt the blame of my hurting heart whetted, sobbing, taking pity on me

Metallic pain and pointed noises were dancing altogether

In a frantic whirl, shuttered by hope and desire

Tiny little feelings start to crack the shining surface of indifference

They want to be heard and recognised

It suffocates my alter ego the lies crowded deep inside my consciousness.

Reduced to silence, my troubling truth is a fraud…

We all have guilt, regrets, anguish

We all have feelings tattooed on our soul

And ‘Hush’ I say, loud and clear, in one attempt to win back my silence and ignorance.

But it’s too strong the desire to live, to feel and to breathe…

We all have hope, it’s what mostly saves us from ourselves

Like a sudden wakening from my longest fallen, I felt renewed, alive and bold.


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